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  God's Hand Extended originally began in 2008. It was willing volunteers who organized and gave back to the community expressing God's love and grace. 

    The mission of God’s Hand Extended is to give God’s unconditional love upon the unlovely.  We are blessed to reach all walks of life with our volunteers; whom share in the heartfelt desire to serve others. 

     It may be the unfortunate, the broken, single parent, at risk children, the ones with addiction, and the forgotten due to illness or incarceration. Our hope is to provide support and prayer to each and their families. Today many people fall through the cracks, we want to assist them in becoming the person they are designed to be.

     We assist with clothing, food, personal hygiene bags, and furniture and household items. We will be partnering with city, county, state agencies, as well as churches, businesses, schools, and other non-profits to provide the needs of our community.

     We provide and bless these items to our community for free.  To include those who are just starting out from the homeless shelters, domestic violence homes, emergencies (fire, flood, death) etc.   

     We accept donations of gently used clothing, household items and furniture from your estate clean ups and community giveaways. 

     We also accept financial donations. God’s Hand Extended will help with the needs of the community physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to revive our community.  

     The High Desert Community Foundation helps us build, strengthen, and serve the High Desert communities.  The High Desert Community Foundation provides administrative support and a 501(c) 3 umbrella to individuals and organizations desiring to provide non-profit services in the community. 

Susan Conway, started God's Hand Extended with the help of several community leaders, the High Desert Community Foundation, the Lord's direction, and her husband, Joe, who urged her to step out by faith.
“We want to help the community by following God’s direction, without limitations and no red tape,”
Susan Padilla Conway

Executive Board
President: Karen Sanchez
Treasurer: Wendy Lozano
Secretary: Nichole Weatherby

Board of Directors
Cheryl Sislo
Gary Velarde
Teresa Salazar
Roxann Villareal
Victoria Velarde
Robert Arvizu
Sandy Carlos
Laura Pineda
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